Nationwide Apple Shortage Leads To Unilateral Increase In Doctor Visits

A busy and crowded doctor's office full of patients

Following a nationwide shortage of apples, doctors’ offices around the country are reporting a 74 percent increase in visits now that there is “nothing to keep them away.”

For years, experts have preached the importance of the daily apple to lower chances of doctor visits; though, new
obstacles are making it harder than ever before for the average American to meet this quota. With a lack of Honeycrisps lining the shelves of supermarkets, health experts fear the worst.

Medical professionals familiar with the matter, like Dr. Jennifer Morgan, say this apple shortage could be “catastrophic.” Morgan explained that “hospitals are not ready to operate at the predicted capacity if apple consumption stays where it is or dips lower.”

Researchers from top institutions recently released data suggesting that “artificial apple products such as apple sauce, apple juice, Apple Jacks, and Green Apple Smirnoff lower overall doctor visits by 33 percent.” However, it is unclear if these substitutions can effectively combat a prolonged shortage of natural Granny Smiths.

Nutritionists have suggested Americans begin relying on other fruits to dispel sickness but early trials with pineapples and crabapples have thus been unsuccessful.

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