Nine Essential Oils That Are Safe To Take A Tiny Sip Of When No One Is Watching

  1. Peppermint –  Imagine adding it to your coffee creamer, no one will be able to tell!
  2. Rose – A flower in liquid form, much too forbidden to try with anyone else’s prying eyes!
  3. Lavender – This flower tastes as good as it smells. Make sure your door is locked before you try!
  4. Bergamot – Not a clue what it is, but tastes so good it doesn’t matter. Make sure no one else is home!
  5. Jasmine – This one is powerful, keep the sip tiny. And keep your curtains closed!
  6. Tea Tree – One sip to change your life.
  7. Chamomile – Chamomile tea on another level. Look twice, sip once!
  8. Lemon – tangy and tart. Grab a hat and glasses if you’re in public!
  9. Sandalwood – Sounds disgusting, but  at least it’s safe. You really don’t want to be caught trying this one.

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