‘Nomadland’ Brilliantly Depicts American Dream Of Being Homeless And In A Movie

A screencap from the film Nomadland.
The film has been lauded for its heartfelt portrayal of living in poverty in the world’s wealthiest nation.

Reports out of Hollywood confirm that Nomadland, an independent film depicting the modern day nomadic experience of a woman who lost everything during the Great Recession, has been lauded by critics as a “spot-on” illustration of a common American fantasy of being homeless and in a movie.

“Nomadland really embodies the American Dream,” said Sundance Film Festival critic Stacey Marsten. “Not everyone in America is homeless, but everyone is guaranteed to daydream about being homeless and catching a spot in a major motion picture in some form.”

Many of the nation’s homeless population who have had the chance to see Nomadland say it has granted them a “reinvigorated sense of ambition” to harness American exceptionalism and appear in a Hollywood picture.

“I will probably never have enough savings to afford a place of my own,” said Dan Wilson, a man who has been living in Brooklyn without shelter for the last sixteen years. “But I know that I’m close to where so many folks want to be: sitting under a tent and in the background of a Christopher Nolan film.”

At press time, Nomadland’s producers were seen giving a homeless individual an informational brochure for an upcoming casting call.

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