Report: It Unclear Whether Dining Dollars Actually Blue Bucks

Baker also pondered the possibility that his MCard connects directly to his checking account.

Reports confirm that LSA freshman Caleb Baker recently became curious as to whether the additional $100 included in his meal plan were technically Dining Dollars or Blue Bucks.

“I’m not sure what type of currency I’m actually spending,” said Baker. “I just swipe my MCard at random locations and hope it’s valid. So far, it’s worked every time.”

Students on both Central and North Campus have expressed similar concerns over the use of campus currency.

“Sometimes I use my MCard to grab a coffee from Pierpont, because the sign just says ‘Accepts Dining Dollars and Blue Bucks,’ but I don’t know which one I’m charged with,” said Engineering sophomore Thea Fulbright, shrugging. “I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as every location accepts both.”

At press time, Baker asked if either Dining Dollars or Blue Bucks were the same as “real money or more like a cryptocurrency kind of thing.”

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