Report: Mom Wants To Give Video Game A Spin

A woman uses a wireless controller to play a boxing game on a Nintendo Wii

Witnesses confirm that Laura Jenkins, mother of 16-year-old Tommy Jenkins was quoted to have asked if
she could “give that video game [of his] a spin.”

Jenkins was seen poking her head around the corner numerous times as her son gave his undivided attention to Grand Theft Auto V, preparing to ask her son the fateful question.

She reportedly stood behind the couch for fifteen minutes watching, causing the baked chicken breasts she
was making to burn.

After asking approximately seven times, Tommy yielded to his mother and allowed her “one turn.” Mrs. Jenkins’ husband confirms that she continued playing “well into the morning. She was absolutely hooked.”

Tommy’s friend Christopher, who was still in his friend’s multiplayer party when Mrs. Jenkins took control, says that “she never once got a single hit, and constantly scolded [him] for foul language. But she was definitely into it.”

At press time, Laura Jenkins was seen assembling a new gaming chair from Ikea.

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