U-M Buildings On A Femme/Butch Scale

–   Michigan Union. Architecturally, the new atrium is as high femme as it gets.

–   Yost Arena. This one might seem obviously butch because it is known for hosting hockey. However, a place that also has figure skating? Open-skate hours? That’s femme if I’ve ever seen it.

–   UgLi. All libraries are futch no further comments at this time.

–   UMMA. Femme. Because it has “straight passing” privilege, what with hosting electoral events and elite art tours. It has a gift shop, and femmes shop.

–   Dentistry Museum. Reader please vote at: https://forms.gle/mSF6s8qpQ3BJo27W8.

–   The chem building. It is a carabiner in concrete form. Stone butch.-   The MLB. Futch. It tries to be really tough but its winding insides are less scary and more points to its inability to confine itself to either stereotype or presentation.

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