Area Man’s Toes Fit Together Like Puzzle Pieces

Two feet with toes locked together
At press time, Brisbane and Leonard were seen hypothesizing whether their toes would lock together like puzzle pieces.

This Tuesday, area man Clay Brisbane was shocked to discover that all ten of his toes fit together like “little puzzle pieces.”

“It’s so weird,” reported Brisbane. “My second toe has two little divots on the side of it, and my third toe fits perfectly inside them. And then, my third toe has little divots that line up with my fourth toe. And then my pinky toe seems like it’s almost connected to my fourth toe. It’s wild.”

Brisbane reportedly began theorizing what could cause the toes to fit together so perfectly, and eventually settled on the idea that humans must have once had webbed feet.

Brisbane’s roommate, Geoff Leonard, who witnessed Brisbane’s revelation, also noticed that a couple of his toes seem to lock together.

“I never looked at my toes so closely before,” said Leonard. “But now I get why they’re all so bumpy and weird-shaped.”

At press time, Brisbane and Leonard were seen trying to spread their toes as far apart as possible.

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