Biden Reports COVID Booster Shot Tastes Same As First Doses

The President remarked that the shot tastes "even better than it smells."

President Joe Biden, in an attempt to promote COVID-19 booster shots, issued a statement reassuring Americans that the booster shot and the first two shots taste “exactly the same.”

After mounting pressure to endorse a booster shot, the President appealed to the public’s palate, saying “I know there’s been some folks getting up in arms about the vaccine. But I’m here to say, this booster? It’s nothing to be afraid of. Even for our least adventurous eaters, the shot is a-okay.”

President Biden further emphasized the importance of vaccine mandates for government workers and called for private businesses to follow suit: “It’s important that we get this tasty treat in the hands of every working American.”

“Get vaccinated. You don’t want COVID, folks,” continued Biden in his address to the nation, “Then, you wouldn’t be able to taste the delicious flavor of the vaccine.”

At press time, CDC officials commented on the matter, stating, “You know, he may not always get his facts straight, but he’s got the right spirit. We’re just happy to have this one on our side.”

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