Brazen Housemate Tests Out Every iPhone Text Tone Out Loud

Woman looking happily at phone
“Nobody tell her you can put a song as a text tone,” warned another of Elsen’s housemates.

While working on a paper in her house’s living room, area student Patricia Moore was dismayed to hear her housemate going through every iPhone text tone to try and find a new one.

“I just need a change,” said Eileen Elsen, the housemate in question, as she went through every single sound in the Apple catalogue, including the “Classic” tones.

“By the time she got to the old timey car horn, I thought I was gonna lose it,” responded Moore, visibly shaken from the incident. “I figured she couldn’t possibly go through every single tone, and yet, that she did.”

Elsen reportedly moved on to cycling through the different vibration patterns after she exhausted the list.

“The most upsetting part was how oblivious she was to the purposeful quiet of the space. The nerve to think that the only person hearing your sounds is you? That’s just selfish,” concluded Moore, defeated.

At press time, Elsen was seen putting her phone on Do Not Disturb.

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