Bride Gets Cold Feet, Puts On Socks

“You should really try walking a mile in my shoes,” exclaimed the nervous bride on her big day.

28 year-old bride Carey Bok reported that she started getting cold feet at her wedding. As a result, she put on socks.

“I noticed she seemed to be getting cold feet when she arrived at her outdoor winter wonderland wedding. It looked like she was just dying to get some warm, toasty socks on,” reported Bok’s mother Terry Bok.

“I know Carey, and she’s usually really tough. But when I saw goosebumps appearing through her high heels, I immediately drove to Macy’s and bought her some fuzzy socks,” reported Bok’s maid of honor, Claire Forceones.

Bok reportedly has had this problem before, according to many of her family members and friends. She has run out on three other weddings because of cold feet. 

“I think she just gets the jitters and hates having chilly piggies when she walks down the aisle,” reported Forceones.

At press time, Carey Bok was seen on her tropical vacation honeymoon with the fuzzy socks still on her feet.

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