Crush On Housemate Dissolves After Seeing Them At Seven In Morning

Blond man sitting in bed, looking tiredly at alarm clock
Ricci allegedly began eating breakfast in her bedroom to avoid any more chance encounters before 10 A.M.

Area graduate student Beatrice Ricci reportedly “lost the butterflies” for her attractive housemate after running into him in the hallway shortly after he woke up.

“Seeing him before he showered and with his hair all sticking up, I realized any attraction was only surface level, and we’re better off as just housemates” Ricci responded when reached for comment.

Certain details were more disturbing to Ricci than others, like “the image of dried drool around the corners of his mouth and the imprint from the pillowcase on his cheek. He just looked so crumpled and sad.”

Although upsetting, Ricci is “grateful for the run-in.” She went on to explain, “Who knows what could have happened if I really had a thing for this guy? Just a lot of unnecessary drama, if you ask me.”

At press time, the roommates were seen awkwardly saying “good morning” to each other as they shuffled by.

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