Friend Already Talking About How Planning 2022 Study Abroad Changed Her

A woman is shrugging at a lunch while some older people are clapping?
Lorenz claims that the sites “aren’t the same until you see them in person”, despite not seeing any yet.

Junior Rebecca Lorenz has reportedly already begun loudly proclaiming how her study abroad experience has changed her, three months before she intends to leave and one day after submitting her application.

“Study abroad has definitely changed my life,” Lorenz remarked over breakfast, seemingly unaware of the fact she hadn’t left yet. “Even just the application process has made me a much more compassionate, worldly, intelligent person. Culture is so important to me, and seeing it firsthand through reading the different advertisements for every program was incredibly impactful.”

“She literally hasn’t even left yet,” commented Lorenz’s roommate Sarah Hawken. “I knew it was going to be a whole thing when she was overseas, and expected a ton of Instagram pictures with elusive, European captions about finding yourself. I was even prepared for the monologues she’d give when she got back, all about how she’ll never be the same person. But this? I mean, come on. Studying abroad isn’t that big of a deal, Rebecca.”

At press time, Lorenz was allegedly updating her wardrobe to “look more European,” still months away from departure.

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