I Saw Your Ex On Tinder

A woman standing condescendingly.

Hey, it’s good to see you! How have you been doing? I know getting abruptly dumped has been a lot for you to deal with lately. Wait, speaking of which, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but my friend was swiping on Tinder the other day and showed me that your ex was on there.

I know, such a betrayal, right? So, I got on Tinder just to make sure she wasn’t, like, mistaking him for someone else, and then I saw his profile too. I did swipe right, just to see if he was active, and I could let you know that he’s
really trying to get a rebound or whatever. We did match, but I don’t think he recognized me because we swapped a few messages, and he never made the connection that we’re, like, best friends. Honestly, what a douche.

I mean, you know you’re way too pretty for him, and, like, I can tell you’re already in a much better place than you were three weeks ago. Well, it was good to see you, let’s get together soon. Maybe we could go see your ex’s band play?

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