Jim Harbaugh Reveals New Offensive Coordinator Just “Ask Madden” Feature From Madden 2011

A group of football players with an "Ask Madden" graphic overlayed
Harbaugh reportedly likes to play against his brother in the game because there is “no other way for me to do it.’”

In a press conference held last Sunday, coach Jim Harbaugh confirmed that the new offensive coordinator for the Wolverines was, in fact, the “Ask Madden” feature from an old copy of Madden 2011 he had dug up from his basement.

Harbaugh elaborated, stating that during games he would usually “plug in [his son’s] PlayStation 3, launch a game of Madden, and run whatever plays ‘Ask Madden’ suggested.”

Harbaugh explained he “usually plays as the 49ers” because “it’s fun to see myself in the game.” His love for the feature soon inspired a new offensive strategy for the 2021 football season.

Wide receiver coach Josh Gattis defended Harbaugh in a press statement later. “Sometimes Jim will break from what Madden suggests,” he added. “That’s where you usually get those screen passes that go for negative yard gain.”

“I’m actually not surprised, since Harbaugh’s coaching strategies seem ten years old,” said LSA junior Matthew Riggs.

At press time, talk was circulating of Harbaugh replacing current defensive coordinator Mike MacDonald with a Magic 8-Ball.

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