Lame Ghost Party Runs Out Of Boos

Pair of ghosts in front of a wall with party banner
Before the party ran out of boos, many guests were reportedly “sheet-faced.”

This weekend, partygoers reported feeling quite bored at a Halloween party hosted by a group of ghosts that had allegedly “run out of boos.”

“Listen, it’s not that I had a bad time,” remarked guest Lori Hannett. “But if I’m invited to a party by a ghost, I’m absolutely expecting there to be a ton of boos there.”

Attendees were reportedly greeted with plenty of boos towards the start of the night provided by the lively hosts, but as the event drew on, fewer boos were available until there were absolutely none left at all.

“We tried, okay?” defended one ghost hostess. “But there’s only so much we can give, and we ran dry. Listen, I thought it was un-boo-lievable just as much as everyone else. The whole situation was just soberingly scary.”

At press time, one guest was reportedly typing “Out of boos. Totally lame. Don’t bother coming” in a text to a friend.

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