Leg Falls Asleep, Has Nightmare Of Being Back In High School

The leg allegedly had vivid memories of being forced to run the mile.

An area woman’s leg fell asleep while she was on the toilet this week, and the numbed limb was soon immersed in a nightmarish hellscape of its old high school.

The Leg dreamt that it was hopping through the halls of Jean Limburgh High School on the way to 3rd period Algebra, when it suddenly forgot where the room was, and walked into several of the wrong classrooms as everyone stared at it judgmentally.

Reportedly, the Leg recalled being in its old Biology class, where its teacher, Mr. Stepp, handed it a ten page test on cell division that it had not studied for. The Leg recalls immediately crying.

The Leg was suddenly transported to its English class, where it had to give a presentation on Emily Dickinson. Every time the Leg tried to speak, however, all of the other Legs laughed at it and mocked its speech and mannerisms.

After trying desperately to wake up, the Leg blinked and was in History class, suddenly forced to be partners in a group project with its old boyfriend, The Other Leg. When the Leg requested a change, the teacher gave it detention.

The Leg woke up in a cold sweat once it realized that it was also naked the entire time.

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