Lisa Disappointed To Find Out Zoom Crush Was An NFT This Whole Time

Several people hanging out in a zoom call but one of the people is a pixelated NFT.
Lisa was disappointed to learn that her crush had been sold for $25,000.

Lisa Newman was reportedly disappointed to find out that her Zoom crush of one year was actually an NFT all along. 

Friends report that Newman was excited to finally meet her crush in person after a long year on Zoom, but was soon disappointed when she found out that Andrew was, in fact, just a digital image on her screen. 

“When he said he was “non-fungible,” I thought he just meant that he wasn’t like other guys,” said Newman. “Like maybe he played chess or something. Turns out he’s a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, or “blockchain,” that certifies a digital asset to be non-interchangeable.”

Newman’s friend Amber Rush wasn’t surprised by the situation. “So many guys are NFTs these days,” said Rush. “You have to be hypervigilant. Like, three of my last boyfriends have told me they were actually NFTs after I met them.”  

Despite finding out that her crush is an NFT, Newman is hopeful that they can still pursue a relationship. “He was an NFT, I was a girl, can I make it any more obvious?” said Newman. “Yeah, at first I was a little disappointed but now I find the whole thing kind of hot. It gives a whole new meaning to cybersex.”

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