Man Dodges Wikipedia Donation Request Like Soldier Evading Active Fire

An article on wikipedia that has a pop-up asking you to donate.
The donation request pop-up was reportedly “unpredictable and out of nowhere,” leaving Haskins with little time to react.

Local man Seth Haskins successfully evaded Wikipedia’s incessant requests for donations during his last visit to the online encyclopedia website “as though he was a soldier evading active fire.”

“In that moment, I felt like a U.S. private running through the jungle, swiping left and right to avoid bullets and jumping over landmines,” remarked Taubman, clicking “X” on three donation request pop-ups. “I kept getting away, and they just kept coming. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it.”

“If everyone gave $3, just the price of a cup of coffee,” the Wikipedia ad read, chasing Haskins down the page as he sweat profusely and furiously scrolled to evade it, “our fundraiser could be over in an hour.” 

Continuing his trek down the Wikipedia page on the 1997 film Titanic, Haskins was met with one last barrage of pop-up ads, in what he referred to as “nothing less than guerilla tactics requiring a full-force evacuation.”

At press time, Wikipedia executives were allegedly strategizing their next pop-up donation ad attack barrage on a seventh-grade class researching for assigned book reports.

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