Matt From IT To Step Down In June 2023

An IT guy fixing a computer.
Matt is reportedly proud of his legacy at the university and wishes the best for the school’s future success.

University of Michigan Information Technology employee Matt Dickinson is reportedly stepping down from his position in June 2023. 

Dickinson announced his resignation in a tweet to his 18 followers on Tuesday: “I’m hoping that this transition will represent a smooth and thoughtful transfer of power,” wrote Dickinson. “Working at the University of Michigan has been one of the greatest joys of my 30s, and I’m confident that the IT Department will continue its essential and meaningful work.” 

Other’s weighed in on Dickinson’s departure. “Matt’s leaving?” said co-worker Emily Radley. “Oh. He was nice. He always knew how to get the Bluetooth computer mouse to connect to your laptop.” 

“One time after work Matt and I went and smoked in the Kroger parking lot,” said co-worker Jacob Rose. “He told me his dad was disappointed in him. Sorry to see him go.” 

IT supervisor Anna Quinn noted that she had seen Matt’s announcement. “Matt was a good employee,” said Quinn. “We wish him luck with his future endeavors and want him to know he left his Tupperware in the work fridge.” 

At press time, Dickinson was reportedly searching “jobs for IT degrees” on LinkedIn. 

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