Meemaw Hits Level 3418 On Candy Crush

An elderly woman on a difficult Candy Crush level

Facebook friends and grandchildren of Meemaw, 76, have reported that she reached level 3418 of Candy Crush on Thursday night.

The world-ranked Candy Crush player made Level 3418 reportedly without any in-app purchases, a smashed record that now places her in the top 50 Candy Crush players in the world.

Currently, there are approximately 50 people in the world still playing Candy Crush.

“We really think that if Meemaw keeps up this pace, she could potentially make the Winter Olympics for swiping,” says Oliver, one of Meemaw’s seventeen grandchildren. “She’s got a real talent.”

After the app’s automatic announcement of Meemaw’s achievement on her Facebook page, official Candy Crush commentators had a lot to say. “Congrats Clarice, Who are the grandkids?” commented one 81-year-old superfan, Daphne Hansen.

“Mom, please turn off automatic posting,” reported another commentator upon hearing the announcement of Meemaw’s win.

At press time, Meemaw was seen making an incredible five-jellybean-match play on level 3419.

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