Poor Communication Among Friend Group Results In Mystery Gang Halloween Costume Consisting Of Four Velmas

Four women in Velma costumes edited to be standing on porch
The group’s reported “obsession” with the Mystery Gang was revealed to include a healthy indifference for three of the four main characters.

A lack of adequate communication among four friends recently resulted in each member of the group arriving at a Halloween party dressed as Velma for the group’s Scooby-Doo group costume.

Freyja Chadwell, Kate Ogden, Rianna Wesley, and Phoebe Adams reportedly agreed on the Scooby- Doo group costume after searching through Pinterest boards of four-person group costumes.

The group chat between the four girls allegedly showed each girl “loving” the message that Ogden wrote, which read, “Maybe we should do the mystery gang? Like Fred, Velma, Shaggy, and Daphne?” No further texts were sent from that point on.

Partygoers allege that the girls split up at the party, with each one whispering about how the others “didn’t fit the mold” for a character like Velma.

At press time, the friend group was seen arguing about who looks best in a turtleneck.

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