Professor On Zoom An 8, In-Person 6.5

Somewhat attractive man in a poorly lit room so you can't tell he's not attractive
Students in his class claim that Mendez had a “glowing” appearance through the computer monitor but was “dull and tired-looking” in real life.

LSA Junior Ricardo Lopez was “absolutely astounded” last Tuesday upon discovering that his Psych 365 instructor, Professor Mendez, was only an attractive 8 on Zoom and actually an average 6.5 in-person. Lopez, who was in Mendez’s remote Psych 337 lecture last semester, was totally taken aback when he sat down in class, getting a glimpse of the “plain-looking” Mendez. 

“On Zoom he made it so I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen,” stated Lopez, “Now I’m embarrassed to even look at him.” 

Other students who had taken a virtual class with Mendez also voiced their concerns over their professor’s rather unremarkable appearance. Sophomore Psych major Aliyah Thompson even considered dropping the course after witnessing the significant drop in her professor’s looks.

“He must’ve been using a filter or something,” said a crestfallen Thompson, “I can’t believe I had my camera on all last semester for this.”

Reports claim that a multitude of students had qualms with Mendez’s height, maintaining that Zoom gave the lacking lecturer the illusion of length. 

“I thought he was 6”0, but it turns out he was just a 6,” stated disappointed Junior BCN major Taylor Brown, after handing in an assignment to the 5’8” academic. 

At press time, students of Mendez’s Psych 365 course were seen rushing to “Rate My Professor” in an anxious attempt to warn future students of the deception.

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