Professor Teaching Hybrid Class Never Stood Chance

Male professor lecturing to students
Weston was last seen on hold with ITS.

Student reports are confirming that Art History professor Dietrich Weston “never stood a chance” in teaching both an in-person and online component for his 395 class.

Weston, reportedly infamous for his technophobic teaching style, appeared ill equipped to use his computer to anywhere near its fullest extent.

“When he didn’t even bother to figure out the PowerPoint on the first day of class, I knew we were in bad shape,” commented junior Annabel Lee.

These doubts were stronger for Weston’s virtual learners.

“I have to take this class for my major, but he hasn’t even posted the syllabus on Canvas yet, let alone send a Zoom link,” said senior Gordon Frost.

In previous years, Weston allegedly struggled with his microphone during the lecture portion of his 395 class, leading him to settle for just using a loud speaking voice. Reports from various staff members confirm his being assigned a hybrid course “would no doubt be a trainwreck”.

At press time, all but three of the students had dropped the seminar.

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