Report: Friendly Squirrel Sighting Turns Whole Day Around

Squirrel walking on grass
Bennett reportedly did not plan to see the squirrel but hopes to see it again soon.

LSA sophomore Lynn Bennett’s day was “completely turned back around” last Tuesday after she had an encounter with an “abnormally friendly” squirrel.

Bennett, who had earlier that day failed a Calculus quiz, stepped in an unidentified substance on the sidewalk, dropped toast on the floor butter-side-down, and gotten lost in the basement of the Modern Languages Building, had been experiencing what many associates claimed to be “objectively, the worst day ever.”

Yet, as she was walking home, Bennett recalled, “I see this little squirrel poke his head out behind a tree, just for a moment. And I swear, he made direct eye contact with me. He was so kind, you know?”

Eventually, the squirrel scurried away, but Bennett remarked that the encounter had an incredible impact on the remainder of her day. “How was I going to be sad after that?” she said, “How can you have a heart-to-heart moment with a friendly squirrel and not have that make your day?

At press time, the squirrel was unavailable for comment.

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