Student Finally Builds Up Nerve To Cook Raw Meat In Apartment

A woman is cooking meat in veggies over a stovetop in a small apartment.
Rogers allegedly claimed she “would even do it again” next week.

This weekend, senior Denise Rogers allegedly found the guts to pull out and cook a pound of ground beef that had been in her freezer for several weeks.

According to reports, Rogers spent a few minutes pacing back and forth in her kitchen, whispering small encouragements to herself, before deciding to open the package of raw meat.

Rogers’ roommate Morgan Farley confirmed Denise had been “building up” her strength to cook the meat over the past couple of weeks, after she decided to buy it in a moment of rash boldness at the grocery store. Farley asserts Rogers’ decision to finally go through with it was an “act of true courage”. 

“I was so scared when I took the beef out of the packaging, it was all slimy and wet! But I pushed through, and eventually was able to remove the tendon with a fork without throwing up,” said Rogers, still jittery from excitement.

As the beef became more and more cooked, reports confirm Rogers became “visibly relaxed”. 

At press time, Rogers said the task was “easier if [she] didn’t think about it.”

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