Talking Stage Gone On So Long Tinder Match Just Friend Now

Man and woman holding coffees, chatting
Connors stated that her relationship with Smythe was “purely platonic and not at all sexual, like, not even a little.”

Area woman Sarah Connors came to the realization this week that her long-term talking stage with Tinder match Tim Smythe has evolved into a genuine friendship.

The unintentional acquaintances first met three months ago when Connors and Smythe mutually “swiped right” on each other on popular hookup app Tinder. However, according to the almost- couple, the relationship never evolved past the dating service’s chat function.

“He seemed cute when we first matched, but we talked without meeting in person for so long that the spark is just kind of gone,” Connors said. “Tim is like a fun Internet pen pal now, not someone I really want to go on dates with.”

Smythe expressed similar feelings, citing their extended courtship as a reason for their mutual agreement to “just be friends.”

“Yeah, Sarah and I just didn’t work out. By the time we actually met for coffee, it was like talking to a weird, sort-of stranger who I know way too much about. The attraction really dies when there isn’t anything left to learn about each other,” Smythe said.

At press time, Connors and Smythe were seen discussing whether or not their newfound friendship would include “benefits.”

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