University Museum Of Natural History To Put On Spooky “Bone-Themed” Exhibit

A large T-Rex dressed in a skeleton Halloween costume carrying a trick-or-treat bucket.
The curators of the exhibit were allegedly excited to finally have their Halloween decorations taken care of.

The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History has announced their plans to stage a “Bone-Themed” exhibit, just in time for Halloween.

Chief Coordinator of Exhibits Andrea Southerly describes the installation as “a playful take on our impressive collection of ancient bones.”

When asked what in particular inspired them to stage this show for Halloween, Preparator Ian Lorenz said, “You simply can’t deny the creepiness of bones. A body without a body will spook anybody, if you know what I mean.”

Guests are being told not to ask “where we got the bones” or “why some of the displays don’t look like animals.”

Director of Museum Education Perry Laurel said, “It’s hard to reach all ages that are represented in our visitors, but we hope that these marvels of osteology will appeal to everyone.”

At press time, museum curators were considering putting the bones in “fun little skeleton costumes.”

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