Area Man Pleads Guilty To Murder To Avoid Jury Duty

Stanton was heard saying that “a life in prison is better than a minute in jury duty.”

In court this Monday, area man Chadley Stanton pled guilty to murder just to get off the jury list.

“I wish it didn’t come down to this, but I really did try everything,” Stanton explained. “If the judge had believed that I had a newborn kid, that my mom was dying, or that I couldn’t get out of work, I would have been out scot free, but he just didn’t take the bait. I even told him I had to go to the bathroom really badly.”

However, Stanton simply wasn’t going to give up. “This was something I was prepared to do when I saw that stupid letter in the mail. No way was I going to sit on that bench with all those fools and pretend to pay attention, as if I gave a rat’s ass if that dude walked or not. I’d rather go to jail.”

Stanton says he’ll think about this as “one of the most defining moments” in his life and “hopes it can serve as inspiration for others.”

“Best day of my life,” Bryce Swanson, the defendant, said, “I really had no idea how I was gonna get out of that one.”

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