Book Character Area Woman Relates To Considered Crazy By Everyone In Goodreads Reviews

Reviews on book-rating website
The reviews came to the consensus that Sarah was “irredeemably obnoxious.”

This past Tuesday, 24 year-old Anne Jackson was disappointed to find that a book character she relates to is considered crazy by everyone in the Goodreads reviews.

The popular book-rating website reportedly lacks any positive comments about the young metropolitan protagonist, Sarah, in Mary Redding’s novel Watering Hole. Despite Jackson viewing Sarah as a role model, the vast majority of reviewers considered Sarah “crazy,” citing her “terrible taste in men” and “general unlikeability.”

Jackson reportedly said that she relates to Sarah’s quirky habits, such as having a messy bedroom and an occasional short temper. Nevertheless, the Goodreads reviews take the consensus that Sarah “does not have her life together at all,” and that she is “weird and unhinged.”

Jackson was seen nodding and holding back tears as she read another review which called Sarah “[her] least favorite character,” as well as “rude and annoying.”

Jackson was reportedly not discouraged by the poor reviews of her favorite character.

“I’m trying not to let it bother me,” said Jackson. “Were they basically insulting my entire being? Yes. But it’s just a book.”

At press time, Jackson was reportedly checking Goodreads multiple times a day to see if readers’ opinions had changed about Sarah.

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