Coach Class Overthrows Business Class

Photoshopped people skirmishing atop moving train
The passengers were reportedly fed up with an unequal traveling experience.

In an Amtrak train en route to Chicago yesterday, the coach class reportedly rushed the business class and seized their powers and privileges.

After coach-class passengers mistakenly wandered into the business section and saw the amenities they were given, word spread through the rear cars as the seeds of revolution were sown.

Shauna Lee, one of the organizers for the riot, was heard shouting into a bullhorn as the mob swept through the aisles.

“We demand the business class give us the legroom and free refills on coffee that we deserve!” said Lee.

Coach passengers were seen pulling the business passengers out of their seats and basking in their newfound equality, eagerly taking turns sitting in the spacious seats and savoring the complimentary reading material.

Shortly after the revolutionaries vengefully executed the fallen business class for crimes against the coach, the train arrived in Chicago, and the passengers quietly got off the train.

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