Deer Who Posed For Deer Crossing Sign Gets Hit By Car

Fauna was last seen modeling for National Geographic before the accident.

Richard Fauna, the deer who was the model for the original deer crossing sign, got hit by a car on October 17th and passed away at the age of eleven.

Fauna was hailed as a hometown hero when he first found his success in the modeling industry for sports teams’ mascots. His fame only escalated until he was requested to model for the deer crossing sign. He was respected and loved dearly by all.

Many in the community have reported that Fauna struggled with an addiction to crossing the street his whole life. “We all tried to get him to stop, but he was an adrenaline junky. He loved the thrill of the headlights giving him that chill in his veins,” said Fauna’s friend Blake Forsum.

The driver who hit him reports that Fauna was “wearing all black and was impossible to see at night.” This claim has been supported by the FBI, who report he was “on his way to a photo shoot and knows black is slimming.”

At press time, the entire deer community in Ann Arbor was seen gathering for a Fauna vigil honoring his passing

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