Elvis Embarrassingly Reenters Building After Forgetting His Keys

Vintage black-and-white photo of Elvis walking, surrounded by paparazzi
Elvis’ awkward reentry was reportedly struck from all historical accounts.

Several of the nation’s elderly folks are claiming that after watching Elvis leave the building at a party in 1968, they embarrassingly saw him waddle back inside to look for his missing car keys.

Witnesses report seeing the hip-jiving phenom walk to his car in style before he spent several minutes checking every pocket in his gold lamé suit. He then turned around with his head down to stroll back inside.

“It was shocking to see. I thought that once he left the building, he never came back,” reported eyewitness Julie Crystowitz. “The King of Rock and Roll looked more like the jester.”

“I told my friend that Elvis had left, but then I saw him a few minutes later asking about his keys,” stated witness Jimmy Flaus. “He made such a scene the first time he left, so it was pretty awkward seeing him again.”

Witnesses claim that after the party, Elvis had been spotted hiding in his car, seemingly refusing to enter any building again.

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