Man Who Dies At Uncle’s Funeral Just Trying To Steal Spotlight

A family lowering a casket into the ground
Other family members said that they had “had enough of Steven’s antics.”

The family of recently deceased man Steven Hindier believe that his nephew, James Hindier, suffered a heart attack at Steven’s funeral “just so he could steal the spotlight.”

James had been enjoying the funeral when he felt a sharp pain in the left side of his body. He struggled down the aisle before collapsing, eliciting exasperated eye rolls from all the mourning family.

“He’s always doing stuff like this. He just has to be the center of attention,” stated James’ mother, Lucy Hindier. “One time at someone else’s birthday, James started singing happy birthday to himself. His birthday was 7 months away.”

“Honestly, it was a little disrespectful,” reported Hindier’s widow, Rachel Hindier. “Today was supposed to be for honoring Hindier’s memory, and James just has to make it about him.”

“James proposed at both mine and Aunt Tammy’s weddings, and our weddings were 5 days apart,” sighed James’ cousin Lauren Order.

Around press time, family had been seen continuing the funeral for Hindier despite James’ body face-down in the middle.

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