My Most Prized Possession Is My Plasma Screen TV

By A Character In A Movie From 2004

Okay, so check this out. I was in Best Buy last week, and there was this 50” Plasma screen. I got so frickin excited. Like, how lucky is that? Did nobody else see it there?

Anyway, check it out, 50 inches of beautiful plasma perfection. This is the most important thing in my life. My baseball card collection? Who cares. My grandmother’s engagement ring? Whatever. All I care about is my beautiful box of sweet, sweet plasma. I can’t wait to watch the fight on the new big screen with my buddies.

Call me crazy, but I prefer hanging out watching the new TV to spots or stuff any day. I love experiencing TV in a whole new way. I mean, that picture is so incredible. Looks like the perfect thing to put in your mancave and just hang out with the guys. Jealous? There are a few more more at Best Buy… you better go!

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