News Anchor Little Too Excited That International Kidnapping Victim From Area

News anchor staring at the camera smuggly.
“This is groundbreaking,” said Phillips gleefully, while live on the air.

Local news anchor Susan Phillips with NBC Channel 7 Detroit, was reportedly “a bit overexcited” about an international kidnapping victim from her area.

Janet Flowers, 26, was kidnapped on a missionary trip to Paris two weeks ago and hasn’t been seen since. Phillips was said to be overjoyed at the nation-wide coverage.

“Detroit has made national headlines once again,” said Phillips in a broadcast, barely hiding a smile. “We all are hoping for Flowers’ safe return, and will continue to bring you live coverage until that happens, or until her nationally televised funeral. Whatever comes last,” she said with a wink.

Phillips was seen walking lively through the halls of the news station and leaving lengthy voicemails to the Flowers family about this being “their chance to give [her] the big scoop” and “to have the opportunity to make a heartfelt plea in front of the cameras.” Phillips enthusiastically added that “everyone will want to watch” their grief and pain.

Upon Flowers’ safe return, Phillips was seen knocking relentlessly on her front door in hope of getting a book deal.

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