Pedantic Man Uses “Pedantic” In Sentence

Two men having a discussion, one of them clearly being condescending
Caldwell was reportedly “way too fastidious.”

In a conversation with his coworker Gary Vanderhoff last week, James Caldwell reportedly referred to their condescending boss as “pedantic,” a word that Vanderhoff described as “annoying and ironic.”

Caldwell commented that their boss was being “the most pedantic quibbler in this hemisphere,” irritating everyone who heard him.

Vanderhoff was seen rolling his eyes as soon as Caldwell turned his back, and allegedly complained to coworkers about their hypocritical colleague.

“He’s just trying to boast about knowing big college- boy words,” Vanderhoff complained. “He loves inserting himself into any conversation to brag about that degree, as if anyone here cares.”

Caldwell allegedly went on to correct many coworkers on their grammar, as well as making a point to note that he already knew something about everything that they brought up.

Vanderhoff was later seen looking up “esoteric” in the dictionary after Caldwell used the word that was far too niche for most reasonable people to know.

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