Red Lobster’s Endless Shrimp Stage Strike Over Unreasonable Work Hours

Shrimp picketting outside of a red lobster for better hours.
The shrimp claim that 11-hour shifts of being boiled alive is too unrealistic for their work schedules.

After negotiations with the chain restaurant Red Lobster came to a standstill, the company’s team of Endless Shrimp went on strike this past Friday by walking off plates and out of the building. 

“Scampi or coconut, we’re all tired of the long hours we receive during the promotion,” noted strike organizer Lucas Prawn, adding, “There’s a complete disregard of our mental and physical health.”  

“Our ultimate goal is to continue to provide our customers with as many shrimp as they can possibly eat,” said CEO Kelli Valade. “We hope to come to an agreement with our shrimp. However, there’s hesitation towards the idea of ending the Red Lobster deal that our diners crave.”

According to witnesses of the strikes at Red Lobster locations nationwide, shrimp bore signs expressing sentiments such as “No More Endless Labor” and “Skewer the Man.” 

At press time, the shrimp had unionized with the unlimited cheddar bay biscuits.

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