Report: 80% Of Auto Mechanics Just Dudes Called Lenny

Auto mechanic in front of a car with the nametag "Lenny"
Makers of little cursive mechanic name tags are reportedly all out of the “Lenny” option.

A study from Tulane University has recently revealed that 80% of all Americans currently working as auto mechanics are “just dudes called Lenny.”

After collecting data for eight months, researchers found that, in fact, almost every auto mechanic in every city of the country is “just a run-of-the-mill, boring guy who goes by Lenny and sometimes just Len.” 

The nationwide survey comes after another survey which found that almost 75% of Americans refer to their local mechanic as “Lenny,” regardless of whether or not they knew his actual name.

Head researcher Dr. Dana Henderson stated that “Statistically, if you’re going to get your car fixed, it’s almost certain that you’re going to get your car fixed by some normal-looking dude called Lenny.”

The study also revealed that the remaining 20% of auto mechanics are “just plain old guys named Marv.”

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