Student In Front Row Of Lecture Playing Chess Like He Didn’t Just Fail Midterm

A student playing chess in the front row of a lecture.
Davis was seen pumping his fist enthusiastically after putting his opponent in check, as if his GPA wasn’t about to tank.

This week, students in an EECS 280 lecture reported seeing fellow classmate Jason Davis in the front row of the lecture hall playing chess on his laptop, “as if he hadn’t just failed the midterm last week.” 

Davis’ lab partner, sophomore Janis Turner, explained that this behavior was not uncommon for Davis. According to Turner, every week, Davis “walks into class, pulls out his laptop, and within ten minutes, he’s playing some game on his computer.” 

Turner revealed that five minutes after their midterm had ended, Davis sent a message into the course GroupMe asking if there would be a curve on the exam. This message was sent despite the fact Davis told Turner the previous Monday that he would “ace that shit while getting a new solitaire PR in class.” 

Davis explained in a statement last week, “That class is actually so fucking easy. I get bored so often in lecture, but sometimes the way they teach us is so confusing and I have to rewatch the recordings.” Davis declined to comment, however, when asked if he had ever actually watched a lecture recording in its entirety. 

At press time, Davis was seen back in lecture refreshing Google every thirty seconds to check Bitcoin’s value.

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