Study: Slight Adjustment In Chair Just As Awkward And Perceivable As You Though

The study indicates that even if you think nobody saw, everyone at least heard your chair squeak.

Findings from a recent study show that the little movement you just made in your seat is “just as stupid and obvious as you think it is.”

Researchers from Northwestern University watched as one pre-selected participant in a lecture hall “scooted his butt back a little on his chair so that he was sitting up straighter, then scooted back down because sitting up that straight was totally uncomfortable.”

Reported social psychologist David Bachman, “We chose the most obnoxious, shameful movement possible, but even we couldn’t have anticipated the other subjects’ reactions.”

“He just moved so weirdly,” said an onlooker, 19. “I thought I heard something, so I look over and there’s this guy just adjusting himself in the most disgusting way possible.”

In a later iteration of the experiment tracking the participants’ brain waves, researchers say “the neural response was almost instantaneous. As soon as they saw the annoying participant move, brain activity skyrocketed in an area of the brain commonly associated with emotions like hate or resentment.”

At press time, the researchers were concluding that everyone should be a little more aware of their bodies.

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