Super Romantic Song Actually About Singer’s Dead Relative

Male singer with guitar smiling and leaning into microphone
Carter also released a “super innocent” ballad that was actually about boning.

Singer-songwriter Lance Carter stated in an interview this week that his recently released ballad “I Love You, Don’t Leave Me” is actually about his dead great-aunt, Judith Carter.

According to Genius, the song features lyrics like “You’re the best woman in the whole wide world, I can’t imagine finding another like you girl,” and “Come inside me with your loving spirit.” Initially, fans speculated the song was about a potential love interest of Carter, not about his 83-year-old great-aunt.

Various Genius annotations claim the song “guides the listener through a detailed story about meeting a beautiful girl that Carter immediately loved.” It then goes on to mention how he would “call her while she was in bed with another man,” though Carter has since revealed that the lyrics were purely metaphorical references to his close familial relationship to Judith.

Fans report that Carter’s performances of the song “I Love You, Don’t Leave Me” could technically be seen as mourning, but could also be seen as horny as fuck.

At press time, fans were seen rapidly taking “I Love You, Don’t Leave Me” off of their sex playlists.

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