“This Outfit Is Giving Princess Diana” Proclaims Woman Wearing Sweatshirt And Weird Little Shorts

Woman dressed in dark sweatshirt and white, mid-length shorts
“I’m really feeling the 90’s royal vibe,” reported O’Keefe, wearing weird boxy sunglasses.

Sophomore Ellie O’Keefe recently made the declaration that her thrifted Central Michigan University sweatshirt and Lululemon biker shorts were “giving Princess Diana.”

“I saw this photo on Twitter a couple weeks ago of Princess Diana absolutely just serving in a sweatshirt and biker shorts. Honestly, I’m basically becoming her at this point,” said O’Keefe.

Sources report that O’Keefe’s channelling of the People’s Princess didn’t stop at her outfits.

“Freshman year, I didn’t get into the sorority I wanted,” admitted O’Keefe. “So I totally understand how Diana felt when she was completely ostracized by the Royal Family and the Queen of England.”

“When Ellie went to Skeeps last week in those leather pants right after her situationship ended things with her? That was definitely her black dress moment,” reported Toni Metz, housemate and friend of O’Keefe.

At press time, O’Keefe was seen awkwardly refusing eye contact with an unhoused person on State Street.

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