Vatican City Flooring Company Blames Michelangelo For Getting All The Credit

Ricci claims that the beautiful tiling is just as pretty as “those naked guys on the ceiling.”

A commemorative documentary about the Sistine Chapel and the rich history of Vatican City was met with angry reviews from local flooring companies.

Ciro Ricci, owner of one of the bigger companies in town, Ricci and Sons, was appalled at how little recognition his work got. “It’s absolute bologna,” Ciro fumed. “Michelangelo this and Michelangelo that. Those people were the true stars. I mean, how do they expect people to stand and walk around the place if it weren’t for all their work?”

It was supposed to be a memorable night for the Ricci family. “This is our heritage. Our livelihood, and the kids were going to learn all about it and the legacy they’re destined to carry on. We even made my special lasagna, and this is what we have to deal with?”

Ciro went on, “This has got to be on the same level as giving Rodin all the credit for The Thinker instead of that hardworking guy that built the pedestal. That statue would be on the ground if it weren’t for him.”

Afterwards, Ciro was heard scheming with the five other big flooring company owners and admitted that he “doesn’t know what to do but is determined to make someone pay.”

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