Verified Person On Twitter Just Journalist

Twitter profile of brunette woman reading "Channel 5 News Health Correspondent" and other awards
Sources report that another verified person on Twitter is the coach of a Division III softball team.

Many Twitter users were recently. disappointed to learn that a verified person on Twitter was just a journalist.

Alice Linden of the Newark Tribune was granted verified status on Twitter as a result of her being a journalist. However, many who interacted with her on the social media website were disappointed to learn that she hadn’t earned her blue-check verification through more sensational means.

“She retweeted something I tweeted about the New York City subway system,” said Twitter user Lisa Farrel. “And I was really excited because it’s like “Oh my God, she’s verified!” But then I realized she was just a journalist, not an actress or influencer or something fun like that.”

While Twitter provides verification to facilitate access to reliable information and to prevent confusion generated by satire accounts, many feel that verifying journalists is not completely justified.

“You’re telling me some woman with 122 followers, who mostly tweets about her kids, can get verified just because she’s a journalist?” said Youtuber Brad Gannon. “But my GameWithPizzaJace account with 1.1k followers is still unverified? This is some bullshit, yo.”

At press time, Linden was seen attempting to use her verified status to get in contact with Jason Derulo.

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