Why Are You Out Driving At Three In The Morning?

By Someone Also Out Driving At Three In The Morning

Woah, what the hell? What are you doing out here so late? Don’t you know it’s three A.M.? It’s too late to be out driving at this time of night. Me, I have an excuse. My son had a soccer game in Cadillac, and we stopped for Burger King on the way home.

But what’s your deal? When I’m out late, I don’t expect any company. Come on, man, I got a wife and a sleeping kid in the back, how do you think they feel about those brights? I’m not about to sit here and let this happen to my family. Why don’t you pull over, buddy? Let’s get off the road, and settle this like men. Oh, that’s it, you think you can just drive by? Typical. Well, you can eat my dust, pal, how’s that? Hey, I saw a pothole back there, I hope you get a flat. God, Tammy, can you believe how many idiots there are on the road? My god. Oh Christ, here comes another one!

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