Aquarium Fish Also Want To Take Visitors Home And Keep Them In Glass Box

Picture of a family looking at a large tank that has fish and a man trapped inside of a box.
“Look at that one with the little weird feet,” remarked one fish.

Marine biologists studying fish behavioral patterns have reported that aquarium fish have a “strong desire to take visitors home” in order to “keep as pets in a glass box”.

Scientists claim that fish like to look at humans with “cool colored and patterned outfits” and would love to see them “walking around some coral and a castle”.

“Fish actually enjoy when people come close and tap on the glass,” reported lead researcher Anna Shpots. “Fish believe it to be a sign of compassion and weakness.”

“If it’s what the fish want, I’d be willing to trade my 3-year-old for a cory catfish,” reported local father Stephen Frands. “Honestly, anything rainbow would be good.”

Around press time, fish were enjoying a child playing peek-a-boo and wanted to rip her from her home and her family.

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