Dead Man With Arms Crossed In Casket Must Have Died On Waterslide

A man with his arms crossed on a waterslide.
Flanster’s last words, friends and family assume, were “wheeeee!”

Family of the recently deceased Eugene Flanster were surprised to notice the patriarch’s arms crossed in the casket and now believe he must have passed away on a waterslide. 

Visiting family were asking about why he was on a waterslide in a suit. The cause of death is unknown, but it appeared to them that Flanster was “having fun.” 

“I’m not sure where there is a waterslide at Sundance Senior Living, but it seems like he died doing what he loved,” said Eugene’s son, Terrence Flanster. 

“He didn’t even like swimming. I don’t know why he did it,” cried Flanster’s distraught widow, Cheryl Flanster. “I hope he’s enjoying that big waterslide up in heaven.” 

“The lifeguards were supposed to be there for this exact reason. They guard life!” stated Terrence Flanster during his eulogy. “He was in the safest position, and it didn’t keep him safe.” 

The family was reportedly heartbroken after the service upon discovering a single Cowabunga Bay season ticket in his pocket.

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