Every Person Seen From Highway Living Individual And Unique Life

Picture of a relatively quiet highway with several small houses off to the side
Reports confirm that the little school seen from the highway has real, living students.

Travelers returning home for the holidays on the freeway have reported how cute it is that the small, scattered homes near the highway are filled with “people living their own lives”.

 Drivers are reporting “how sacred and beautiful it is” that each car, home, and yard contains “generations of memories.” Some even report taking blurry photos of a lone farmhouse as they drove past. 

 “It’s so surreal. Everyone is just a smaller part of the bigger picture,” said Lisa Harrington, traveling home to Pennsylvania. “Like I mean, these people are a really, really small, but important part.” 

 “I almost had to pull over because I was so emotional,” said David Mayers. “Just thinking about dads and their sons playing catch in the front yard. It’s just like in Friday Night Lights.” 

Haley Motterman, driving the hour and forty-five minutes between her hometown and state college, remarked that the small towns she was passing as “quaint.” “All these sleepy little towns are so cute,” said Motterman. “I could almost see myself living there, but I just love the city. Maybe if I didn’t have such good job prospects.”

Connecticut-native Andrew Barrington got off the highway to stop at a roadside farmstand selling jam. “I just couldn’t resist,” said Barrington. “It was such an experience. I didn’t know people still farmed.” 

At press time, drivers reported “almost tearing up” after spotting an old truck on a dirt road.

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