Footnotes Declared “Sexiest Annotation Method” By Fetish Community

Footnotes in a book.
The fetish community was reportedly not turned off by the footnotes wearing sneakers.

The American Fetish Society released a statement this week that the citation style known as “footnotes” are officially considered the “sexiest annotation method.” 

The statement shocked many in the academic and kink communities, though the Fetish Society maintains their stance on the merits of citing references “on the bottom [of pages] like they should be.” 

In defense of their preferred position, the society’s president Desiree Jones said, “We here at the American Fetish Society recognize this method’s superiority over the far less appealing annotation of endnotes. In fact, you could say we’re into footnote worship.” 

While critics of the footnote fetish community remain convinced the citation format has its merits, Jones insists that the society’s official annotations “dominate academia like a cruel and unforgiving mistress.” 

At press time, Quentin Tarantino released a statement in support of the society’s decision. 

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