Man Crossing Street At Green Light Must Just Think He Better Than Everyone Else

Man walking in middle of crosswalk in city
The man was seen crossing the street “like he had just gotten a six-figure job at Google.”

Area student John Gaston was taken aback Wednesday afternoon while waiting at a crosswalk when a man he referred to as “some jerk” blew by him and crossed the street at a green light.

“I couldn’t believe it,” stated Gaston, looking appalled and disgusted. “Does this guy just think he’s so much of a hot-shot that he doesn’t have to follow society’s rules?” Gaston was seen gesturing angrily at the anonymous man as he crossed with an almost unbearable swagger.

Witnesses report that though there was no oncoming traffic, the crossing light on the other side still displayed the little blue crossing guy.

The man seemed to brush through the road “like a pompous asshole who was just begging a car to hit him.” The man was allegedly seen reaching the other side completely unscathed with his nose upturned and his eyes closed, while the “good, law- abiding people” watched in disgust from the crosswalk. According to witnesses, the crowd seemed more stoic and determined than they would have been otherwise.

Gaston was later seen overtaking the brute on the sidewalk out of contempt three minutes later.

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